Combine harvesting

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Combine harvesting

Combine harvesting is for many farmers the culmination of a year of hard work. All the work you have put in to first preparing the ground, then seeding and finally protecting and nursing the crop, you will now be able to see how good a job you actually did when you get the yield reports. However, external factors such as bugs and weather can have a fatal influence on the end result. The word combine derives from the fact that this machine actually takes care of reaping, threshing, and winnowing. The harvester leaves behind everything but the seeds. The straw can either be baled or chopped. You can find a great number of different types of harvesters and most machinery brands like New Holland and Claas are producing harvesters. The front can come in many sizes and in some countries, a 40 feet head is not unusual. Some areas and countries the landscape make it difficult for the biggest harvesters to work if a field is too steep or hilly, but new technology is coming every year making the harvester more and more suitable and efficient for any kind of condition.

Combine harvesting crop

A combine harvester can actually harvest a great variety of different crops. To get the best possible result sometimes changing out the header can be a good idea. The most common crops are wheat, rye, barley, corn (maize), oats sorghum, flax (linseed), soybeans, canola, and sunflowers.

Extra equipment

A combine harvester is a piece of very advanced machinery and you can get a lot of very usefull equipment like GPS, moisture monitoring and yield measurement to improved the outcome of the harvest.

#Combine harvesting rates

The rate for combine harvesting will differ pending on the type of crop to be harvested. Also, if you want to chop the straw it comes with an extra price ad more diesel is required to run the chopper. The size of the harvester is also decisive when it comes to the rate. A variable like the shape of the field can also change the price. If your field is nice and square you could are that you want a different price compared to a field with many corners and turns.