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Drilling is agricultural work that is performed to get new crops in the ground. Different crops needs to be seeded at different time, some crops are seeded in the spring and others when fall is approaching. In these periods, the type of soil and weather conditions are also playing a big role. Depending on the crop and season different drills can be taking to use. Some of them are listed below.

Direct drilling

The direct drill or combination drill is use in two cases. 1) because some farmers has decided to use this type of method. 2) because external elements can be against the farmers, forcing them to use a direct drill in order to get the seeding done before it is too late. By too late it means that the yield can be effected if a crop does not get the right amount of time to evolve in the soil.

Why direct drilling

Direct drilling is historically a new type of drilling. with direct drilling you don’t need to prepare the soil before seeding. You can basically seed on top of stubble. If you succeed performing direct drilling, you will end up saving a lot of money by not having to plough or any other type of cultivation. A direct drill uses discs to cut through the upper layer and plants the seed underneath. Direct drilling is also good for minimising damage to the soil which in the long run is said to optimise the soil when it comes to sustainability.

Air seeding

An air seeder is a great tool for seeding grass and other brassica crops. You normally have a roller to makes sure the seed stay where they are seeded.

Traditional drill

When drilling traditionally you need to prepare the soil by using different cultivation tools such as a stubble, power and disc harrows. Advantages of using this method is to make sure that all weed is being killed before you start drilling. Of course new weed will appear, but that can be kept down by mechanically or chemically removing it.

Drilling price

The price for drilling can vary a lot depending on the type of drilling and the type of soil. Also, if you want to combine drilling with fertiliser or or chemical application the price will increase. Most suppliers want to give an individual price depending on the specific job.