Hedge cutting & mulching

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Hedge cutting New Zealand

Not to be mixed with hedge cutting in the garden, agricultural and shelterbelt hedge cutting is a big deal and millions of kilometers are cut every year. Some hedges more than once a year depending on the location and the speed of vegetation growth. The reason for this many kilometers of shelterbelts is due to the avoidance of soil erosion from the fields. When you have strong winds and the ground is unprotected with now plants to hold on to the soil, there are greats chances that the soil will blow away leaving a much less nutritious soil behind which will affect the crop yield. Shelterbelts are therefore hugely important. Hedge cutting does also go under the name hedge trimming or hedge mulching.

Types of hedge cutters

There are many types of hedge cutters. Some are mounted to the front some to the back and some are specially built becoming a self-propelled hedge cutting machine. However, the most common type of hedge cutter is the one where it is mounted to a tractor or a backhoe or digger. The reach for a cutter can vary from 6 meters to more than 9 meters. The most common brands are Spearhead and McConnell. Depending on the job different cutters can be used, anything from saw blades to mulchers. Cutting down branches and vegetation can cause damage to the vehicle attached to the cutter. To avoid any damage, you can protect your tractor or whatever machine you are using by attaching a fence or cage around the exposed areas.

Hedge cutting rates

You are normally charged by the hour but a fixed price can sometimes also be arranged. Also, the larger the task the bigger the chances for getting any sort of discount. Be aware that cutting hedges is not necessarily the easiest thing too, so make sure to ask for the level of experience if the job you need to get done is on a high level.

Clean up service

Getting your hedges cut can leave a big mess. It can therefore be a good idea to check if clean up is part of the service you buy. Some suppliers have a mulcher attached to the front or back of the tractor to destroy the leftovers. For bigger branches, an actual front loader is needed to carry away the vegetation.